• Why are the rugs $100+?

Each handmade rug takes an average of 6 or more hours to complete (not including the 10+ hour wait time for the backing glue to dry). Not only does each rug acquire attention to detail, craftsmanship, and time, but the materials to make the rug are expensive which is factored into the cost.

  • How can I hang my rug on the wall?

There are a few ways to hang your rug on the wall however, I recommend using velcro or carpet tack strips.

  • Can I vacuum my rug?

Yes, your rug can be vacuumed on a low setting. 

  • How should I contact you if I want a custom rug made?

Please dm me on instagram @happy.rugs or email hello@shophappyrugs.com

  • Is the rug I order pre-made or made to order?

All rugs are specially made-to-order. 

  • Have any more questions? Email them below!